Tile to Metal Roof Replacement in Newcastle

Trust our team with your tile to metal roof replacement in Newcastle. We can convert your old terracotta roof into something truly durable with a fresh modern look!

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Roof Replacement Newcastle
Tile To Metal Roof Replacement Newcastle
A Tile to metal roof replacement Newcastle

Why Get a Tile to Metal Roof Replacement in Newcastle?

As tiles age, they have many problems, meaning that a replacement is inevitable at some point. The reasons why homeowners ask us to undertake tile to metal roof replacement in Newcastle is usually one of the following reasons:

  • They don’t like the look of the terracotta tiled roof
  • Often they are tired of worrying about their safety
  • They are paying hundreds of dollars on ongoing maintenance issues
  • Their energy bills are fast increasing due to lack of proper insulation

Whatever the reason, switching from tiles to Colorbond may seem like a daunting project. But our team have been performing roof replacements for many years and has the entire process refined.

With years of experience under our belt, we know everything there is to know about a roof replacement. Newcastle Metal Roofing Solutions can replace all types of tile roofs but is not limited to cement or old terracotta tiled roofs. We provide a complete roof end-to-end service and support, including expert advice on design and colour selection.

The Tile to metal roof replacement Newcastle

Benefits of a Tile to Metal Roof Replacement in Newcastle

If you are planning on staying in the same house orcommercial space for a long time, a new Colorbond roof is a good choice to fix old and damaged roofs. Our roofing team uses only the official Colorbond and Bluescope materials to provide the desired outcome.
Metal roofs have a number of advantages over tiled roofs, and they include:

Light Weight

Colorbond is strong, sturdy and lightweight. Its light weight ensures the roof puts less strain on the structure and the foundation of your home.

Improved Insulation

Due to its tight and quality construction, Colorbond material absorbs less heat in the summer and holds the heat inside during the winters.

Low Maintenance

It practically needs no maintenance other than ensuring leaves and debris are not collected over it.

Storm Protection

A new roof made of Colorbond material minimises damages against storms, hail, and winds common in Newcastle.

Creative Designs

Tailor your property to suit the aesthetics of your home. Sheets are available in modern colours and various finishes.

Increase Value Of Your Property

New metal roof will ensure your home stands out in the street and is guaranteed to increase the value of your home.

It outperforms tiles in every possible way, and there is no surprise why so many homeowners opt for tile to metal roof replacement in Newcastle.

How Much Does a Tile to Metal Roof Replacement in Newcastle Cost?

Many Australians are hesitant to change their roofs due to the perceived roof replacement costs. They believe that it will be extremely expensive and a time-consuming project. It is no surprise why so many people continue to tough it out with their damaged or broken tiled roofs. Living with an ugly or damaged roof isn’t ideal and can significantly bring down your home’s value.

At Newcastle Metal Roofing Solutions, we want to educate homeowners in Newcastle how roof replacement isn’t an expensive project contrary to popular belief. Replacing your tile roof with Colorbond metal is an investment in your property that will increase your house’s curb appeal but will also add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

Total cost of roof replacement from tiles to Colorbond will depend on three factors –

  • The size and the complexity of your roof
  • Quality of material and finish you want
  • Any additional work you may require

Every roof is different, and it is impossible to provide a pricing structure for every scenario. We send out experts over to your house to provide a free quote, so you know exactly how much it will cost you to replace your roof. Why not arrange a no-obligation quote with our team today?

Tile To Metal Roof Replacement Newcastle

Get a Roof That Saves Energy and Money - Tile to Metal Roof Replacement

Tile roofs wear out easily and lead to many problems, including leaks. They also crack and crumble, causing the foundation to degrade over time. It is a clear indication that your tile roof needs to be replaced with a more efficient and strong option, such as a Colorbond metal roof.

Our roofers at Newcastle Metal Roofing Solutions are highly qualified, experienced, and insured who ensure your tile to metal roof replacement in Newcastle is done to the highest possible standards and provide long-term warranties for total peace of mind. We deliver stress-free installation and ensure you get maximum return on your investment.

With free roof inspection and quote, look no further for tile to metal roof replacement Newcastle! Give us a call today, and our friendly team can assist!

Roof Replacement Newcastle

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We offer a wide range of roof replacement services in Newcastle.  Take a look at our most popular ones here.

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